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Laeria is the name of one of the main characters in Record of Lodoss War (you can also find her name written as Leera or Laillia), probably the 1st anime I saw when I was a teenager, and which I became fan :)

Later, Laeria became my player nickname, the one I used at least from 2008 (when the name is not already used by someone else ! I know some of you may understand).

About my Blog’s name, I was in trouble finding one that I could be proud of… So Mister “encouraged” me by creating my current URL name ;) (I’m not sure this is properly said, but anyway, I guess you’ll understand :P)


In real life, I’m 30, I live in couple, I have no children, no pet (I feel like I’m at a job interview !). In addition to needlework (especially knitting), I like horseriding (I practiced for 3 years), anime/ mangas (and Japanese culture in general), reading books, games (board games, video games), series… but even without a child, time flies !

Regarding creative stuff, I’ve been learning by myself (I started in summer 2012, still learning things) and only for leisure. I would like to progress in sewing, crocheting and knitting. I am not really fond of hand embroidery, not because of the finished oject (which I could love !), but because it is really a hard work (even if before I’ve alreday did some cross stitch and canvas…!). Nevertheless, one day I’ll buy a sewing machine which can embroider :) (but serger before :D ).

Time for wisdom …

No, I’m not retiring (I’m too young), but today, well… I’m 30 (and happily, it’s a day off for me :D ).

30 years old.

I’ve had this strange feeling for 2 years now, but in the end, nothing has changed (as if it would have changed… but anyway). However, this “time” in my life sounds like the “balance sheet age” (yes, I was really worried!). So here it is :

I’m still living with Mister for nearly 7 years (yeah, time really flies !), we still don’t have any child (and there is no hurry I must say ! other people’s children are so much better :P ), our house is still in work (well, we bought our house almost a year and a half ago, it’s fine), we still don’t have any dog (I resigned, but sometimes it lacks a bit .. anyway, we have some cats in the neighborhood !) …

Talking about my job, it is a difficult time for me. In addition to the “privacy balance”, it seems that it is also the time for the professional one. For now, I try to be as positive as possible (not that easy, it seems that I’m kind of pessimistic), but I’m not sure I’ll do this job forever. After all, it was not a vocation, but I might talk about it later.

So be positive.

I will devote more time to my activities. I have already started some projects (though I had promised myself not to do as all these bloggers that have tons of WIP… and it’s too late : it looks like I’ve become one of them !) so for updating my blog it will become more complicated, I will try to write an article at the end of each completed project (I hope that will work !).

And you, how were your 30 ?