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Knitting ¤ A grape Meringue

T46 - Bonnet Meringue 6

Some more knitting stuff on the blog : my Meringue hat is done ♥

As I said before, Christmas has already started for me, and thus my next articles for the “knitting” category will mostly be about Christmas gifts I am making.

So, my 2nd gift made is this lovely hat, with its beautiful lace pattern, by Justyna Lorkowska. Moreover, the pattern is only in English.

I used the remaining yarn from my 3 Color Cashmere Cowl, finished recently : the Malabrigo yarn sock, colorway Velvet Grapes.

T46 - Bonnet Meringue 1

I tried a new technic to cast on, the « tubular cast-on » method, which gives you a very stretchy edging (video I watched to help me).

T46 - Bonnet Meringue 3

Thanks to this project, I could be part of a KAL called KALnouveau, opened by Moïra from the French podcast Les aiguilles du nord, which I advise you to watch if you’re comfortable with French talking ;)

About Meringue, it is a very fast knitting project, except for the ribbing part at the beginning : 2 inches of ribs 1×1 with 2.5 mm needles well… it is so long !!

T46 - Bonnet Meringue 2

But once this “difficulty” overtaken, the lace pattern grows fast (I think it is my project the fastest finished!).

T46 - Bonnet Meringue 4

For the blocking part, I used a balloon ! I saw that tip on Thread&Needles, a French website : it is very useful, cheap, and it makes the lace patterns revealed.

T46 - Bonnet Meringue 5

And there it is : a grape Meringue ready for Christmas :D

Knitting ¤ A Christmas 3 Color Cashmere Cowl

T44 - 3 color cashmere cowl 4

Be careful, Christmas starts during summer for me ;) This year, I decided to knit almost every Christmas present for our families (almost “women only” ahahah) ; so I’m starting to knit earlier than last year : I knit only one thing (a cardigan), and I offered it very late after Christmas (5 months…). So, I started with an “easy knit“. While talking with my sister, she told me “no more mitts this year“… because, yes, I’ve already given to her 2 pairs of mitts before ! A cowl sounded good to both of us. By chance (!), while checking my Instagram feed (IG the devil :P ) I’ve seen a lot of beautiful 3 Color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli : I had to buy the pattern and the yarn… So did I ♥

T44 - 3 color cashmere cowl 1

I found a beautiful project on Ravelry (among a lot of beautiful projects !), which was a good example for the colours and yarns I may use. And I wasn’t disappointed, great choice ;)
This project is very easy so the knitting is very fast. Although the pattern is in English, I think it is very easy to understand, so I recommand it if you’re a beginner and/or if you want to try an English pattern.I knit this cowl watching the TV during the nights, and watching some podcasts during the days… So, as you can expect, I did a few mistakes. Maybe you can’t call that “mistake” when you knit 3 stripes instead of 4 ;) As a consequence, this pattern is very “adjustable” : if you want a bigger part with lace, feel free to repeat the pattern a bit more :D For my project, I tried to literally follow the explanations.

T44 - 3 color cashmere cowl 2

However, I did fail a little when knitting the little stripes. I cut the threads instead of keeping them, while changing colours ! Thus, it  was very painful and took me a very long time to have my FO.

Finally I lightly blocked my cowl, using my Soak sample, which was gifted to me when I ordered some yarn from Laine&Tricot :) I was happy to try it and I love it ! I bought a big bottle since then ;) The scent is nice and not too strong (I just use a very few among :D ), and your hands are left smooth !

T44 - 3 color cashmere cowl 3

By now, « my » 3 Color Cashmere Cowl is ready to be given, but I can’t say if it will come alone or not at Christmas ;)

T44 - 3 color cashmere cowl 5


Have you already thought about your Christmas gifts ?

Will you give hand made presents this year ?


Note : Sorry if there are some mistakes in the article, but I’m not used to writing my blog in english… Feel free to tell me if you see some big ones (gently of course ;) ), tell me your opinion if you read my blog in its english version ;) thanks !