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Autres - Swap1 2

In our very nice fellowship of seamstress-knitters :D , swapping is something that I discovered recently and which I find very nice and exciting. There are no established rule, it depends on the people who organise the swapping event. Basically, you send something to someone (who you know or not), in connection with your common creative hobby (yarn, fiber to spin, fabric, embroidery pattern or threads, etc.), with some goodies added (card, buttons, gadgets, etc.), and sometimes, with some snacks (specialities from where you live, sweets, chocolate, etc.) ; and all of this in a friendly mood ! Indeed, I’ve noticed that people are quite respectful and very often, packages are really really nice and mysterious ! I loved that and I wanted to be in ;)

And by chance, someday talking with Julia (wuepfi on Ravelry) about her last Banana Leaf shawl, and especially talking about the beautiful blue yarn she hand dyed, she suggested we may have a swap, the 1st one ever for both of us :) If you don’t know her yet, have a look on her Instagram account, or watch some episodes of her podcast “The Happy Knitting Podcast“, where she talks about knitting, spinning and now sewing ;)

So, the swap.

Julia was really fast to send my package and I receive it only a few days later ! She gifted me a beautiful hank she hand dyed (Merino Aktiv Fine, 550m, 75% Merino / 25% Polyamid), several small hanks (3 sock yarns, 1 merino lace left from her Banana Leaf shawl, 1 mystery hank from the yarn she bought when she went to Viêt-Nam), a pinky postcard because she knows I love pink, some handmade stitch markers, a rubber, some tea (I already told her that some flavors are kind of weird for me :D) and a big sweet which my boyfriend liked, especially for the reindeer shape :P

Autres - Swap1 1

Autres - Swap1 3

I sent her 2 packages because I wanted to give her some caramel from where I live, but my order was kind of delayed… Nevermind, she received everything so it’s fine.

I bought some French sock yarn from Les Jolies de Milie (2 hanks of 50g), with nice shades of blue. I also added some goodies I bought on La Cerise sur le Nuage e-shop ♥

Source : Instagram profile of TheHappyKnittingPodcast

You can see the chocolate and caramel sweets in her 9th episode ;)

I’m really happy to have done this 1st swap with Julia. It’s always pleasant to receive a mystery package ! Right now, I’m looking forward to going to Paris, for the Créations & Savoir Faire event next November, in order to buy some items for my next swap (and of course, for me too ♥), the “Swap de fin d’année” event, settled by Mélina, alias Letipanda on social medias. The hardest is to stay mute because I know who is the person I will send something to ;)


Have you ever been taking part in a swap ?

If yes, feel free to share your experience :)

If not, are you willing to try someday ?


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