Sewing ¤ My sparkling storage box

C21 - Box1 5

With the beginning of the school year, my sewing workshop is back too, even if last year was not really successful for me, meaning that I did not finished anything (gasp!) … So, one of my goals is to finish what I start (the basis), and especially to succeed in sewing clothes for myself (wearable… of course) !! From the time that I think about it (years?), I stockpiled fabrics (evil sales :P) and more recently, patterns … I think it’s time for me to really start sewing :) Of course I’ve had several uncertainty-doubt-fear moments, and of course I’m still uncertain, doubtful and fearful, but I think that I can overcome all of this now. Looking at all the beautiful projects I was able to see, I also want to wear beautiful handmade shorts, skirts or dresses … But first, the basis (yes I know, I’m repeating myself) that’s why I started with an easy, useful and which-will-be-made-in-2hours-sewing, I appointed the storage box !

I looked for a free tutorial on the Internet, and I selected the one from “Auguste et Pénélope“, which is super simple (so, fast), which has very clear explanations with a lot of pictures, and available in PDF ;)

For my first storage box (I hope I will sew one or two more boxes because it’s very useful), I used supplies from my stock, which are :
- 2 pre-cut coupons of glittery black leatherette I had left from a “Chouette Kit” (the one of Christmas 2014 I think, the same as in my “pochette de fille“);
- Fabric from my stock for the lining, probably purchased at Ecolaines ;
- Polyester black sewing thread, a “standard” feet, a Teflon feet, a jean needle (100).

Effective sewing session ! It just took me less than 2 hours to have my storage box ready to use ♥

The leatherette is quite rigid, so it allows a good hold of the set (even if it’s very annoying to return!).

C21 - Box1 1

C21 - Box1 2

Immediately sewn immediately used : I brought my sewing equipment inside, it’s more fun than the tote bag for my small items !

C21 - Box1 3

And today, it seems that one of my knitting project has already settled in it ;)

C21 - Box1 4


What do you think about those little projects ?

Useful ? Completely useless ? You sewed some for whole your relatives ??

Don’t hesitate to tell me your opinion :)


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