Knitting ¤ Longing for Mailin

T38 - Mailin 3

For those who follow me, I started a while ago (end of May!) the famous Mailin sweater by Isabell Kraemer, logical knitting after my 1st sweater knit, the Il Grande Favorito…But, once the sleeves reached, summer was here, and motivation gone. But today, I’m proud to show you my Mailin on the blog ♥♥

Once my 1st sweater was finished, I wanted to knit everything ! But, to avoid scattering (dispersing ?) and keep my impulse, I started my Mailin full of confidence because I already knew that it has a similar shaping with the Il Grande Favorito.

Concerning the yarn, I used a DK weight wich lied in my stash : Laine et Cachemire de Textiles de la Marque. My 1st impression was good but faded while I was knitting : indeed, the threads of the yarn are not very tighly plyed so it was a little bit unpleasant to knit stockinette in round (because you’re less focused). But well, the price/quality ratio was very good and the final FO is not so bad. However, I’m afraid that the yarn felt and/or pilling quickly :/ Stay tuned

T38 - Mailin 1

At first, the knitting grows fast : you can see the raglan and the beginning of the pattern shaping, before separate the body and the sleeves. To put the stitches of the sleeves waiting (I’m not sure here, but I couldn’t find any translation :/), I don’t use waste yarn but my 40 cm cables instead, they are very useful I think ♥

T38 - Mailin 2

T38 - Mailin 5

After several week, I was back to knitting the sleeves which were endless ! Beside, I had to do again my bind off of the body because it was too tight. But the final result was worth it, and even if I was grumbling a lot, my second sleeves went faster :) For the neckline, it was ok : I picked up almost every stitches (except on the shoulders, a bit less) and did a soft bind off.

T38 - Mailin 3

Even so, I really appreciate to knit this pattern, with all its little details and very clear explanations (don’t be afraid of the number of pages!!) : the pattern on the front, the ribs larger than usual, raglan. Besides, I forgot to mention that there are several finishing available : you can choose between 2 types of pattern and 2 types of neckline (one which is “open”, and the other is a collar), so you can make an make again this sweater ;) For mine, I chose the second version of the pattern and the “open” neckline (the one on the cover). Moreover, I also replaced the ribs by twisted ribs :)

T38 - Mailin 4


Finally, what do you think ? Do you want to knit it ?

Have you ever knit this pattern ? Which yarn have you used ?


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