My Blog, 2014 version

The “results” of 2013 are under my expectations but better than nothing anyway.

In short, I managed to finish some work (I’m a very slow knitter-crocheter-sewer turtle !!), I could learn how to crochet, I fed my blog more or less regularly (well… less rather than more) … and I changed several times the name and slogan of this website !

So, for the little story, I said that it was hard to be proud of this blog … it’s still true because I’m still thinking “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy of it”; I really have to work on this problem of self confidence ! Anyway, after many changes (“not good for SEO” Mister said), I finally set things with a new title and a new slogan summarizing my creative “activities”; now this will be:

Les Rêveries of Laeria

A hint of yarn and bobbins … My Sewing, Crocheting and Knitting assays

No big deal, but a more explicit title. Regarding the “Rêveries” part (I chose “musings” as a translation), it is because before I started all of this, I have dreamt of being a talented person, I wanted to craft beatiful things (I especially loved shawl patterns), and buy super nice material (yarn, wool, threads, fabric …). I’m still dreaming and hoping today because I still have some way to go ! Concerning my nickname, it’s just the one I use the most in video games ;)

After all of that, I took I’ll try to hold new resolutions : more finished objects and less cast-off projects, more photographs (I still have an item to publish but unfortunately I have no photo the ongoing work !), and above all, try to be more relevant with the seasons, events or whatever, because for now my work is a bit confused.

So fingers crossed and welcome to my blog, 2014 version :)


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