Welcome to my Blog !

I never thought that one day I would write this …!Initially I was a bit reluctant to the idea of creating a blog, there are already so many good blogs, and so many people gifted in everything they do … Well, I did not really feel like I could have mine too.And one day, I said to myself : why not ?

So, with Someone help (we’ll name him Mister, not to mention him), and especially strong insistent encouragements, here it goes : Welcome to My Blog !

I don’t know yet where I will be able to find time to feed all that but well, we’ll see if it lasts ;)

I have a lot of interests (too many ?!) : there are some that I try to improve, and others that I would love to start over … And unfortunately, the days are not long enough!

The name might change one day, we’ll see, because I had some trouble finding this one (I do not really assume :p some story for later if I remember!).


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